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Handling Information in a Care Setting

This course provides an introduction to the concept of handling information in care settings. At the end of the course you will understand the need for secure handling of information and you will know how to access support if you have any questions regarding access to information.
The course will cover the important role confidentiality plays in developing trusting relationships with the people in your care and it will define key terms such as ‘need to know’ and ‘consent’. It also touches on the legislation that is in place relating to the handling and storing of information and the obligations each person has under these laws.

Handling Information in a Care Setting

Who is this course for?

When working in a care setting it is so important to build positive relationships with care users. Confidentiality and the correct handling of personal information are vital for trusting relationships and a breach in this may lead to a service user becoming unwilling to cooperate with their care providers.

Course Modules 

Putting it Into Practice

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Using secure systems for the recording, storing and sharing of information is essential in health and social care setting.
Therefore this course is important for all health care professionals.
Much of the information that we use on a daily basis is deeply personal and confidential to the individuals that we support and we have a duty to respect and protect their privacy and dignity.

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20 minutes

Handling Information in a Care Setting

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